Equine Nutrition Consulting

NutraWorks Equine is an equine nutrition research company offering scientifically validated supplement solutions to veterinarians & their patients.

Balanced nutrition can be the single factor that keeps a performance horse performing at it’s best, helps heal a sick horse and makes the healthy horse live longer.

And that is where NutraWorks Equine steps in.

With two levels of consultation and unlimited availability to equine practices across the country, NutraWorks Equine offers PhD-level expertise, innovative and clinically researched products and a method to improve horse health.

Complex Case Consultation

Improve clinical outcomes by including nutrition in your treatment plan.  From custom ration formulation to supportive product recommendations, NutraWorks Equine can offer the tools you need to help move a sick horse toward recovery.

Assurance Program

For all classes of healthy horses, NutraWorks Equine can provide assurance to clients that they are doing their best for their horses.  With a focus on general health, optimal performance and longevity, the assurance program takes the burden of general nutrition questions off of the practitioner so they can do what they do best: practice veterinary medicine.

Book a consultation today.

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